We love creative strategic thinking.

We know that every site is different and each project unique . We totally get that there is no 'one size fits all' solution, and we want to develop possibilities that are most valuable and effective for your project. Also, we like to collaborate with the people we work with - because great things come from sharing ideas. 

We start with an initial free 1 hour consultation to discuss your project. From here, we can help understand what is required to make it great. 

We offer full architectural services which take you from the initial idea to handing over the keys and we will tailor the process to suit your needs. 


Here is an outline of architectural services from start to finish:



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This initial CONCEPT DESIGN stage is about testing ideas. What are your needs? What is your budget? And how can we interpret your brief into something tangible? As well as imagining the possibilities and putting pen to paper, this is also the time where we assess your site to understand its full potential. We investigate regulations and site controls to ensure that the design is well considered.



Once we have a concept we are happy with, we flesh out the initial design. In DESIGN DEVELOPMENT we examine materials, refine the planning, and massage the design into something real. We also get the other experts involved - these are the engineers, and specialist consultants you might require for your project. To help visualise the space, we use sketches, plans, and perspectives to tell the story. 




CONTRACT DOCUMENTATION, as it is referred to, is about turning the developed design into a package of technical drawings, schedules, and specifications for a builder to price and build. These documents allow for more accurate costing and also help ensure that you get the quality of finish that you want. We also co-ordinate the consultants and make sure everything fits together.



This is an exciting stage for all as we see ideas get built. In CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION,  we manage the contract between you and your builder. We look after the project on your behalf - this means quality checks, authorising payments, regular site visits, responding to questions, and checking shop drawings from contractors. This helps minimise risk and ensure that your project is delivered to the specifications and to the highest quality.


We can also assist with other things on your project. You might need a feasibility study to test the possibilities of your site. Or illustrations to visualise a building. Existing conditions drawings, planning reports, and digital modelling ... these are other services we can also provide.

We also offer focused brief-writing services, which helps you define your needs early on in the piece. 


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