Building is an intense process. There are a lot of things to consider!


What are your core values?

How big does it really need to be?

How do you want it to function... and feel? 


Why write a brief?

Before you tumble headfirst into a design project, it is important to have a clear idea of your brief. This is a guiding document which will define your requirements early on. A good brief is invaluable. It can streamline the process between you and your architect, provide a stable reference point for everyone involved, and help save time and money on unnecessary changes later. 

Whether it be a new home or a facility for your community, it’s a big decision to build. The process will be much smoother if you have a clear idea of your values, goals, and expectations at the very start.  If you don't just yet, that's ok because...

Here's how we can help:

We do personalised workshops and consultations to help map out your needs. We use a series of hands-on collaborative exercises to facilitate your concepts and translate it into a written brief.


Workshops can be run individually or in groups. If your project involves many users or complex requirements, we are also able to represent you at the briefing stage and create the document for you. 

You will commence your project well-informed and better prepared for the exciting things to come!




Like working with others? This is a 3 hour collaborative workshop in a fun and relaxed small group setting. Expect to be drawing, mind-mapping, writing, being creative and thinking strategically.

Learn what to include in a brief and how best to write it, and take home a developable document to help guide your project along. 



Want something one-on-one? We do focused face-to-face sessions to nut out your brief. Think of it as spatial coaching, undertaken as a series of 2 or 3 consultations.

We will work through an iterative process so you can effectively establish and fine tune your requirements. We will also help map out the process so you always have a reference point. 



Have a larger or complex project? We can represent you at the briefing stage. Some projects require a myriad of inputs and we want to make life easier for you. We can:

  • devise strategies for defining your project
  • facilitate consultations with user groups
  • develop and prepare a brief to take your project the next level


Yvonne has had extensive experience working with community groups and individuals to help fine tune their requirements and strategise their processes. In addition, Yvonne has been teaching design studios at both Undergraduate and Masters levels, working intensively with university students to conceive, develop, and refine their initial ideas into architecture. This background provides a strong foundation for collaborative brief-building strategies, where the goal is to help clients take ownership over their projects, and understand the essence of their needs.